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Local Businesses in Mountain View

About 3 year(s) ago by Crestview Hotel
Mountain View Local Businesses
As the center of Silicon Valley, Mountain View is home to some of the world's largest technology companies that have seen international success. Their growth has allowed the city, and Silicon Valley, to in turn grow. The continued success of such a vibrant community depends on many of its local businesses working together with the government and Chamber of Commerce to see that things remain in order and maintained.
If you weren't already convinced that spending a night in a Silicon Valley hotel was worth your time, take a minute to learn about additional points that make Mountain View truly stand out. The city has an AAA credit rating by Standard & Poor's, the nation's top credit rating agency. What does that mean for you? Mountain View has a history of strong financial operations that keep your business running strong. The high property values and high personal income is another reason to love the business real estate industry in Mountain View. It's an attractive market, but businesses still have plenty of opportunity for development in Mountain View. With more than 5,000 businesses in the city, rental prices fluctuate so there's always something right for you.
Still not convinced? Just a few years ago the city had $202 million of funding, representing 4% of the nation's total venture capital funding. Since then, the growth has only spiraled for more successful companies and organizations headquartered in this Silicon Valley city. And finally, who can forget the beautifully downtown Mountain View. If you're enjoying a Silicon Valley hotel, you'll be able to appreciate the diversity and beauty of the downtown scene that's attractive to everyone.


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