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Mountain View Dining

About 3 year(s) ago by Crestview Hotel
Dining in Mountain View
When you're ready to dine, there's no better hub for delicious dining than Mountain View – Silicon Valley's premiere location for the finest array of international cuisine that'll ever hit your palate. Much like you might find unique diversity amongst the residents in Mountain View, the restaurants in Mountain View are equally as diverse – enjoy a taste from every global region within walking distance of your hotel during your Mountain View stay. Visit India, Italy, France and Japan every night for an international taste sensation that stands out as some of the finest dining in the world.
If you're up for an adventure, try Bushido Izakaya – a traditional Japanese restaurant that uses sustainable seafood, and local ingredients for a fantastic bite every time. The Menu is unlike any Indian cuisine you've ever encountered – with fresh ingredients sourced from local producers, this Northern California staple is a favorite among Bay Area foodies who demand more from each plate. For anyone interested in trying something a little new, this local favorite is a must – XANH is a Vietnamese restaurant that services a modern twist on classic dishes.
With its urban setting, the house-made specialties and fusions create an unforgettable taste sensation. And who wouldn't want to visit San Francisco Bay Area without trying some of its local seafood? The Cantankerous Fish is a sprawling restaurant with vibrant décor and dishes. All the seafood dishes come to life with great flavor combinations and seasonings. If you're ready to dine like the locals, check out all of these restaurants in Mountain View.


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